2007 Paraflow TR9GL MGS-25 Plate Heat Exchanger

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Model TR9GL MGS-25
Year: 2007
S/N: 20053003000609
Made In USA
Condition Good
Other Specifications
Max. Allowable Working Pressure: 399 PSIG/FV @ 203 oF
Min. Design Metal Temperature: -20 oF @ 399 PSIG/FV
Operating Temp.: Max. 203 oF / Min. -20 oF
Heat Transfer Area: 1298 sq. ft.
Frame Size: No. 3
Max. Frame Capacity: 360 Plates
Dry Weight: 6973 lbs.
Flooded Weight: 7873 lbs.
Total Liquid Volume: 108.1 US Gal. (409.1 L)
Operation Liquids: Lean diethanolamine, cooling water

Frame: SA-516-70N
Plates: SA-240-316
Gasket: EPDM RC (Paratemp)
Tie Bars: SA-193 B7
Shroud: 304 SS
Nozzle Lining: 316 SS
Bolts/Nuts (Internal): SA-193-B7M / SA-194-2HM
Bolts/Nuts (External): SA-193-B7 / SA-194-2H

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