5/8" Plunger Diameter Milroyal-B Pump MBH101-8F-PF-CC-M4-SE-ST-11-NN22

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Model MBH101-8F-PF-CC-M4-SE-ST-11-NN22
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Other Specifications
Model: MBH101-8F-PF-CC-M4-SE-ST-11-NN22 
Milroyal B HPD Head Design

Features & Specifications
  • 316 Stainless Steel liquid end 
  • 1/2" NPT suction/discharge connections 
  • Double ball check valves 
  • Teflon diaphragm 
  • HPD head design no contour plate or obstruction in fluid path
  • MARS valve mechanical actuated refill system 
  • hydraulic fluid is only thing touching diaphragm
  • hydraulic relief valve 
  • 5/8" plunger
  • 12.3-1 gear ratio = 142 spm 
  • cast iron gear and hydraulic fluid housing 
  • Polar crank design gearbox 
  • NEMA 143/145TC motor mount  
  • Supplied less motor  
  • Manual stroke control 10-1 turndown range =/- 1% steady state accuracy

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