CMS Chip Measurement System Permissible Gas Analyzer

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Model CMS
Condition Used
Other Specifications
Fast response ? results in 20 seconds
No warm-up required
TWA and action levels reported within 1 to 2 minutes
Highly accurate
Accuracy ± 4 to 7% of measured value for most gases
Consistent flow maintained and corrected for changes in atmospheric pressure
Measures low levels, even benzene
Not subject to human error and bias
Simple 1, 2, 3, operation
Minimal training required
Concentration displayed on easy-to-read backlit digital readout in any one of four languages
No calibration gas required
Calibration information is stored on each CMS chip
System integrity assured
Electronic system self-test performed upon start-up
Sampling system test performed before each test
No battery charging
Operates on AA alkaline batteries for more than 7 hours of measurement
Ready for instant use ideal for emergency response
Internal data recorder
Stores up to 50 measurements
Data includes time/date, contaminant/concentration, and sequential number of measurement series
User may enter measurement location
Recall and display data on demand

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