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LABELREX PML-310 Automatic Labeling Machine

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Model PML-310
Other Specifications
Models: PML-310, PML-350
Functions: Vial Body Labeling without Positioning, Security Sticker Positioning & Labeling
Max. Labeling Size (PML-350): 3.54" L x 2.36" W
Max. Labeling Size (PML-150): 2.36" L x 4.72" W
Label Roll Size: 11.8" diameter
Roll Paper Core Inner: 3" diameter
Labeling Accuracy: ±1mm
Labeling Speed: 60-120 pcs/minute
Voltage: 220 volts, 3-phase
Includes: 2 x EASYVIEW 8071IE 7" colour interface touch screen

Labeling position, height and angle can be adjusted by hand wheels

Machine dimensions(L) 3800 * (W) 1000 * (H) 1700(m/m)
Machine weight350kg
PML-350 Max. Labeling Size?(L)90*(W)60(m/m)(Contain Base paper width 60mm within)
PML-310 Max. Labeling Size?(L)60*(W)120(m/m)(Contain Base paper width 120mm within)
Label roll sizeø 300mm
Paper Core Inner ø 76mm (I/Roll 3?)
Power Supply1??220V?2000W
Dry compressed air6~8 kg/cm2

?Applicable scope:
Special Function Design Of Blood Glucose Test Strips Vial Labeling?
?Vial Body Labeling without Positioning??Security Sticker Positioning & Labeling?
1.High Quality and aesthetic machine design in stainless steel
and anodized aluminum alloy materials?
2.Equipped With EASYVIEW 8071IE 7? Color Human Machine Interface Touch Screen
Labeling Heads Driving Deployed With YASKAWA SERVO MOTOR (400W) Made In Japan?
MITSUBISHI Programmable FX3U Series PLC Control System With Schneider
Brand Electronic Components?
3.Labeling Accuracy?±1m/m?
4.Collocating With Markem-Imaje Thermal Transfer Printing System?(Option)
5.Collocating With Automatic Vibratory Feeder Bowls Machine?(Option)
6.Labeling Speed?60~120 PCS Per Minute?
7.Labeling Position?Height?Angle All Can Be Adjusted By Hand Wheels?
Additional Information
Year: 2015
S/N: 1040713

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