2400 hp Hydraulic Power Unit

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Model PAC-2003-300+300/300+300-800-21-1001-11B-0000-0-4160/60
S/N: 517-20-21303
Other Specifications
3 x Tandem P30S Pumps
3 x 800 hp Motors, 4160 volts, 1800 rpm
3 x Charge Pumps Switches
9 x Duplex Filters
2 x Level Switches
1 x Analog Temp Sensor
1 x Heating Circuit with IMO Screw Pump
2 x Spider Controls for 6 Pumps
3 x Motors
3 x Loose Supplied Oil/Air Coolers
1 x Separate Flushing Pump for Motor Cases

Quick Disconnects
Operating pressure: 5000 psi
Minimum burst pressure: 20000 psi
Temp rating: -50 F - 2000 F

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