150-Gallon Skid Mount Gas-Powered Vacuum Unit

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Innovex portable industrial vacuum systems are as powerful as a vacuum truck with the versatility of a shop vac. Each unit can be moved with a forklift, truck, trailer or attached to a bobcat, allowing for even greater versatility.
Model SVGSK-150
Tank Capacity: 150 US Gallon (568 L)L
Model: Wallenstein 302 Oil Cooled Vane Pump
CFM: 175 cfm
System Size: 2"
Nominal Operating RPM: 950 rpm
Discharge Pressure: 10 - 12 PSI
Vacuum Continuous: 20 inches HG
Head Capability: 5 - 20'
Hose Sizes: 3" or 2" (Collection & Discharge)
Pulley Size: 8.6" OD
Shaft Size: 1-1/4" OD
Pump Oil: Hydraulic Oil (Non-Detergent)
Pump Oil Recommended: Summer 68 / Winter 32
Motor Type: Gas
Horsepower: 13 hp
RPM: 3200 rpm
Shaft Size: 1" OD
Pulley Size: 2.8" OD
Tank Size: 30" x 57"
Tank Material: Steel
Access: Full Opening End Door
Finish: Epoxy
Colour: Green
Other Specifications
Power pack c/w 13hp Honda gas engine 
2" x 5' recovery wand 
8" duckbill wand fitting c/w 2" camlock fitting 
6" straight wand attachment c/w 2" camlock fitting 
11" moisture trap 
12" muffler & filter 
Pressure relief valve
Vacuum breaker safety valve 
Pressure/vacuum gauge 
Full skid unit c/w forklift pockets 
Owner/operator manual 
One-year warranty 
Options Available (please inquire): 
Integrated pump flush system 
Integrated component drain system 
Collection & Discharge hose package 
Electric/Diesel powered 

View the official spec sheet here.

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