PL/9 SPECIAL Hot Press w/ Hydraulic Feed

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Year: 1998
S/N: 101780798
Made In Italy
Condition Used
Assembled Dimensions: 236 x 158 x 89 inches
Other Specifications
ITALPRESSE PL/9 SPECIAL Feed Through Panel/Board Composer Press:
This is the model with the platen operating in a down stroke pressure cycle; platen dimension of 2,500 mm x 1,300 mm (98.5" x 51"). 
This press takes parts that have adhesive applied to the edge which are then set up on the composition table (Infeed ) as a panel ready to be pushed into the press to receive edge pressure and down pressure with heat to cure the adhesive. The platens are both thermal oil heated. There is a powered horizontal bar that pushes the panels into the press and this same bar pushes the parts out once completed. 

Feed through & controls, Solid wood laminator w/ automatic gluing & layup table 4 x 8 platen, hydraulic piston outfeed table producing a 4 x 8 solid wood panel every 4 minutes, Solid steel platens.


-- (6) Hydraulic down stroke cylinders of 120 mm (4.7") for top pressure & (5) hydraulic back-to-front horizontal stroke cylinders of 120 mm (4.7") for continuous production of panels. 
-- (5) Hydraulic side pressure cylinders of 120 mm (4.7") for panel dimension control. 
-- Total pressure of 90 tons; heating platens, thermo oil heated. 

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