MGC 4 Indicating Circuit Module SGM-1004A

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Model SGM-1004A
Condition Surplus New
Other Specifications


  • Four Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating Circuits
  • Each Indicating Circuit is rated at 1.7 Amps
  • Each Indicating Circuit can be confi gured as Non-Silenceable (Steady) or Silenceable
  • Outputs resound on subsequent alarm
  • LEDs (Amber) provided for indication of Indicating Circuit trouble
  • Programable to any input circuit
  • All circuits are power limited for use with limited energy cable
  • Removable terminal blocks for ease of wiring and servicing
  • Extensive transient protection on all circuits

Output Voltage: 24 VDC Unfiltered

Standby Current: 35 mA

Alarm Current (unloaded): 150 mA

Output Current per Zone - Power Limited: 1.7 Amp

End of Line Resistor: 3.9K ohm +/-5%, 1/2W

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