MITUTOYO Digital Height Master Micrometer

  • $2,400.00
sku: 14387

Series: 515
S/N: 054594
FEATURES Standard model with a digital display, featuring all essential specifications required for versatile height standard.
With SPC output.
Each Height Master is supplied with a gage block for zero setting.

Technical Data Resolution (LCD): .0001" or 0.001mm
Graduation: .0001" or 0.002mm
Character Height .21" / 5.4mm
Micrometer Head
Travel Stroke: 1" or 20mm
Pitch: .025"/rev or 0.5mm/rev
Hystersis: .0001" For all inch models
0.002mm for 300mm models
0.0025mm for 450 & 600mm models
Battery: SR44 (2 pcs.), 938882
Battery life: Approx. 1.8 years under normal use

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