Process 11 Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder w/ Extra Options

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Use this extruder to test a variety of process parameters. Several setup possibilities include:
- Multiple split feeding and venting ports
- A die design for quick changes of the strand diameter
- Eight barrel segments (length: 5 L/D) for accurate temperature profiles
Model Process 11 - Hygienic TSE 567-7610
Made In Germany
Condition Surplus New
Other Specifications
Amperage: 16A
Barrel Length L/D: 40 L/D
Max. Screw Speed: 1,000 rpm
Voltage: 230 Volts
Barrel Bore Diameter: 11 mm
Barrel Zones: 7 x 5 L/D electrical heated (optional water cooled)
Description: Process 11 - Parallel Twin-Screw Extruder

Max. Temperature: 350°C
Screw Diameter: 11 mm
Screws: Fully segmented, co-rotating
Torque per Shaft: 6 Nm
Typical Output: 20 g/H up to 2.5 kg/h (depending on material)

Minimum Required footprint: Extruder 39.37" x 19.68"

Attachments include:

Polar Series Accel 500 LC Cooling/Heating Recirculating Chiller
Model: 223422800

Masterflex Digital Drive Easy-Load
Model: 955-0000

Screw Flexibility Kit
Model: 567-7639
Set of common screw elements to modify the screw configuration. Manufactured from Hygienic grade steel.
  • 4 x Feed Screw, 1 L/D
  • 2 x Feed Screw, 0.5 L/D
  • 2 x Reverse Feed Screw, 0.5 L/D
  • 8 x Mixing Element 0", 0.25 L/D
  • 8 x Mixing Element 90", 0.25 L/D
  • Anti Seize paste (hygienic grade)

11 mm High Volume Screw Kit, Hygienic
Model: 567-7634
A set of asymmetrical shaped geometry feed screws (increased free volume and special intake pockets) allows feeding commercial pellet sizes (<4 mm) into the Extruder.
Manufactured from hygienic grade steel

Set Die Inserts, 11 mm Hygienic
Model: 567-7644
Allows a quick change of the die diameter. Contains a set of threaded die nozzle inserts w/ diameters: 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.5 and 3.0
(2.0 mm included in standard extruder delivery)
Manufactured from Food Grade Steel (316)

Cooled Slit Die
Model: 567-7645
Horizontal liquid temperature controllable slit die. The die body can be horizontally split. it includes two separate cooling channels. Both channels are daisy chained by standard, but can be used independently to achieve a temperature gradient along the material flow.
Slit geometry: 20x5x200 mm
Manufactured from stainless steel 316L

Volumetric MiniTwin Feeder
Model: 567-7660
Volumetric MiniTwin Feeder with agitator. Electrical connected to and operated by the Process 11 Extruder. Suitable for powders and micro pellets (Max. size 1 mm). Set of screws suitable for application have to be ordered separately.

Set Concave Screw TC/12/12/08 for Mt0
Model: 567-4142
Geometry: Twin Lead Concave
Outer diameter: 12 mm
Pitch: 12 mm
Inner diameter: 8 mm

Chiller Unit PROCESS 11, 115 Volts incl. Piping
Model: 567-7626

Liquid Feeding System
Model: 567-7658
Complete solution to feed liquids into the Process 11 Barrel.
The feeding pump is digitally controlled at the pumps user interface and interlocked into the Process 11 start/stop signals.

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