• Mark Buhler



    Meet Mark Buhler, the President at Lenmark. Mark started Lenmark to disrupt an old industry with a new approach: software and tech utilization. Through Lenmark, Mark has realized the value of a great team and support staff. He is passionate about creating something meaningful, efficient, and bigger than himself.

    Mark is a hunting, fishing, and hiking enthusiast. He grew up in Winkler, Manitoba, and when he was young, he always wanted to be an entrepreneur. His field of expertise is business and finance after achieving his BBA from the University of the Fraser Valley.

  • Leonard Buhler

    Purchasing Manager


    Meet Leonard Buhler, the Purchasing Manager at Lenmark. Leonard started Lenmark with his son Mark to bring their dream of disrupting the industry to life. Leonard’s passion is to solve complex problems and be innovative. Luckily for him, Lenmark has allowed him to do that every day.

    You can catch him at his cabin being lakeside when he is not working, maybe taking a work phone call. He is originally from a farming family in Winkler, Manitoba, and his field of expertise is leadership.

Sales Team

Martin Guidotti

Sales Manager


Meet Martin Guidotti, the Sales Manager at Lenmark. Lenmark has driven his passion for team building and process developing. His background in metal process and fabrication allowed him to recognize and appreciate Lenmark’s vision. Martin enjoys working at Lenmark because it parallels his driven and goal orientated mindset.

Martin is originally from La Reine, Quebec, and he grew up on the largest rabbit farm in Eastern Canada. When Martin is not working, he enjoys photography and collecting Vinyl Records.

Development & Marketing

Austin Wollf

Business Development Manager


Meet Austin, the Business Development Manager at Lenmark. Primarily focused on future business growth, he leads Lenmark's software team, special projects, and develops people and processes. He joined Lenmark early into its startup and has worked alongside Leonard and Mark in various capacities to help them towards their goals for the company. Austin appreciates being a part of a team and has high ambitions for Lenmark to be a marketplace leader in the industrial space.

During off hours, Austin enjoys spending time with his wife Melody and their two daughters, Everly and Adeline. He is an avid explorer and dreamer, and one day hopes to move to the Southeastern coast of USA.


Accounting & Admin


Gustavo Inda

Inventory Manager


Meet Gustavo Inda, the Inventory Manager at Lenmark. Gustavo joined Lenmark because he saw the opportunity to gain invaluable experience in the industry, through a fast-growing innovator. Lenmark has taught him how to leverage his problem-solving skills into leadership and be an adaptable team player. His fields of expertise are inventory management and marketing communications.

In his spare time, Gustavo enjoys being active as he is an avid tennis and soccer player. He is originally from Mexico; however, he grew up in Qatar, South Korea & Singapore.

The Team

  • Isaac Lam
  • Weihan Syu
  • Geraldine Morales
  • Ingrid Hewitt
  • Iryna Molchanova


  • Connor Beaune

    Warehouse Manager


    Meet Connor Beaune, the Langley Warehouse Manager at Lenmark. Originally from London, Ontario, Connor moved to British Columbia at a young age to start his career. He joined Lenmark to be apart of something big and liked the direction that Lenmark was moving towards. He has since developed his management and team development skillsets through the unique projects that he is involved in.

    Outside of work, Connor enjoys the hobby of mixology, also known as making cocktails. He spends most of his days with his kids, family, and friends when he is not working.

  • Jacob Breitkreuz

    Leduc Branch Manager


    Meet Jacob Breitkreuz, the Leduc Warehouse Manager at Lenmark. Jacob started in the early days, working with the warehouse and service team. Once Lenmark opened their Leduc location, Jacob was immediately offered a position. Working at Lenmark has given Jacob the opportunity to develop his knowledge of the industry, as he has a background in industrial rigging solutions and safety.

    Outside of work, Jacob enjoys buying, selling, and propagating house plants. He also enjoys making hand embroidered rugs.

The Team

  • Jesse Hooge
  • John Hewitt
  • Trevor McCormack
  • Michael McLean
  • Lukas Downie
  • Eithan Wiggins
  • Simon Gelowitz