Discover technological excellence in modern metalworking with MVD's iBend Press Brakes. MVD has been manufacturing quality metalworking equipment for over 70 years.

Top MVD Products

175 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake B-Series B175-3700


$143,000 CAD

320 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake D-Series D320-3700


$246,425 CAD

270 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake C-Series C270-3700


$170,000 CAD

270 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake B-Series B270-3700


$158,125 CAD

175 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake B-Series B175-3700


$143,000 CAD

220 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake B-Series B220-3100


$135,940 CAD $140,000 CAD

270 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake B-Series B270-3100


$132,825 CAD

220 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake A-Series A220-3700


$120,175 CAD

135 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake A-Series A135-3100


$92,000 CAD $94,875 CAD

40 ton iBend Hydraulic Press Brake A-Series A40-1250


$55,000 CAD

Why MVD Press Brakes?


MVD delivers specialized machinery and tools such as CNC Press Brakes, CNC Guillotine Shears, and more. They offer world-wide distribution, innovative products, and high-quality customer service.

Superior Manufacturing

MVD's press brakes are designed and scrutinized through advanced 3-D computer programs, and equipped with globally recognized components. Each machine undergoes rigorous quality control stages.

Trusted Partner

At Lenmark, our partners must meet our standards - and MVD is no exception. MVD's undeniably superior quality press brakes allow us to provide the best possible products to our customers.

Selling Equipment?

Lenmark can help.

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Advantages of CNC Press Brakes

Should you be considering a CNC Press Brake? Here's why it could make a huge difference in your metalworking operations.

Considerations for Choosing a Press Brake

Whether you're a seasoned fabricator or just starting out, this guide will walk you through essential factors to consider when selecting the perfect press brake for your projects.

Why Lenmark?

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No more wasting time at the auction. We sell your asset at it’s maximum value in the shortest timeframe possible.

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At Lenmark, our diverse team means that there is always an industry expert ready to assist you - purchasing or buying!

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With decades of experience in the industry, we cover all the bases when it comes to transporting equipment safely & swiftly.

Don't just take our word for it

Off Road Equipment Parts, Inc.

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Jordan S.

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Tylen L.

"Lenmark Industries has provided my company with breakers that are hard to find in this market today. There was a shipping issue that left me without one of the breakers I ordered and needed for this project. I called the delivery and shipping department and they took action right away. Connor was very professional and assured I would be getting the breaker ASAP!"

Frank T.

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