4-Channel Digital Input Module 750-402/702-000

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Model 750-402/702-000
Condition Used
Other Specifications

Number of digital inputs: 4

Total number of channels (module): 4

Signal type: Digital

Signal type (voltage): 24 VDC

Sensor supply DC: 24 V

Sensor connection: 2 x (2-wire, 3-wire); A suitable field side connection module

Input characteristic: high-side switching

Input filter (digital): 3ms

Input current per channel for signal (1) typ.: 4.5mA

Voltage range for signal (0) : -3 +5 VDC

Voltage range for signal (1) : 15 30 VDC

Input data width (internal) max.: 4Bit

Supply voltage (system): 5 VDC; via data contacts

Current consumption (5 V system supply): 7.5mA

Isolation: 500 V system/field

Indicators: LED (A-D) green: Status DI 1 DI 4

Number of incoming power jumper contacts: 2

Number of outgoing power jumper contacts: 2

Current carrying capacity (power jumper contacts): 10A

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