42 ft x 5 ft Dia. Stainless Steel Pellet Reactor

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Condition Used
Weight + Dimensions
Diameter 5 ft.
Material Stainless Steel
Other Specifications

Original Use

  • Beginning with a large air contactor, air is pulled into a structure containing potassium hydroxide solution which will chemically bind with the CO2 molecules in the air, trapping them as a liquid solution with potassium carbonate salt.
  • The liquid solution of potassium carbonate salt is then fed through this pellet reactor
  • The pellet reactor with the addition of calcium hydroxide would precipitate the salt out as calcium carbonate pellets.
  • In addition, potassium hydroxide produced as a product of the precipitation reaction can be re-used in the air contactor step.

Overall Length: 42.16 ft.

Shaft Diameter (Approx.): 5 ft.

Width (Widest Point): 100" (8.3 ft.)

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