420,000 BTUH Gas Fired Humidifier w/ Eclipse Burner, Gas Meter, Valve System

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Model GSP-300-N
S/N: 2011580GS3AJ06
Condition Used
Other Specifications
Gas Humidifier
Humidifier Size: 300 lbs/hr
Volts: 208-240 V
Phase: Single-phase
Amps: 4 A
Gas Type: Natural Gas
Thermal Ratings @ 0-2000 ft.:
  • Total Input: 420,000 BTUH
  • Input/Burner: 140,000 BTUH
  • Min. Input: 45,000 BTUH
Thermal Ratings @ 2000-4000 ft.:
  • Total Input: 378,000 BTUH
  • Input/Burner: 126,000 BTUH
  • Min. Input: 45,000 BTUH
Max, Vent Gas Temperature: 400oF
Manifold Pressure: -0.05 in w.c.
Max. Gas Supply Pressure: 10.0 in w.c.
Min. Gas Supply Pressure: 5.0 in w.c.

Eclipse Gas Burner
Series: RatioAir
Motor Horsepower: 1-1/2 hp
Volts: 575 V
Phase: 3-phase
Amps: 1.8 A
RPM: 3450

Gas Meter
Max. Flow: 1000 CFH
Min. Flow: 22 CFH
Max. Operating Pressure: 150 psig
Volume: 0.23 cubic feet

Valve Proving System
Electrical Ratings:
  • 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 60 VA
Max. Operating Pressure: 7 psi
Ambient Temp. Rating: 5 to 140 oF
Parts: 2

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