5000Q Internal Adaptor Kit 236400

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Other Specifications

Part Number: 236400

Control Unit

Function: The 5000Q series EX pz purge and pressurization system allows general purpose equipment to be mounted in enclosures and operate safely in Zone 2 or Zone 22 hazardous areas.

Model: 5000Q-02-PY-O-24VDC

Housing Material: Polyester

Mounting Configuration: outside enclosure

Voltage Requirement: 24 VDC

Vent Unit

Function: The EPV-5000Q vent allows the purge gas to exit the enclosure but provides a seal when the enclosure is pressurized and operating. The vent also has a spark arrestor, a requirement for hazardous areas.

Model: EPV-5000Q-PY-4 Expz

Pneumatic Filter

Brand: Parker Watts

Model: F504-02AH

Ports: 1/4"

Max. Pressure: 10 bar (150 psi)

Max. Temp.: 52C (125F)


  • CD for documentation, manuals and certificates
  • High temperature silicone sealant
  • cables

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