Cylinder Rod Clevis 0692508

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The Cylinder Rod Clevis 0692508 is a component used for connecting cylinders in various applications. It features a hole diameter of 9.52 mm (3/8 in), a length to the centerline of the hole of 63.5 mm, a thread length of 22.22 mm, and a thread size of 0.25-28 (1/4" NF). The clevis has a straight type design with an external yoke width of 22.2 mm and an internal yoke width of 11.1 mm. It is part of the Miscellaneous MRO collection.
Model 0692508
Condition New
Other Specifications
Hole Diameter: 9.52 mm, 3/8 in
Length to Centerline of Hole: 63.5 mm
Thread Length: 22.22 mm
Thread Size: 0.25-28, 1/4" NF
Type Straight
External Yoke Width: 22.2
Internal Yoke Width: 11.1

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