Filter Press MAGNUM FP2000X2000/100

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Model MAGNUM FP2000X2000/100 NEWTT HTP
Year: 2018
S/N: 18202001
Condition Used
Other Specifications


Filtration Process

  • The actual filtration process occurs in the filter pack, consisting of a customized set of plates.
  • The cloths and under-cloths cover the filtrating surface of the plate, which has small projecting cylinders forming drainage channels.
  • Once the filter pack is completely sealed, the filtration process begins from the head plate with the feed pump injecting the sludge into the filter plates chambers.
  • The cake will form uniformly all across the filtrating surface and is ready for discharging once the required moisture level has been reached.

System Voltage: 575 V, 60 Hz

Length: 14210 mm

Width: 3430 mm

Foot Wheelbase Length: 12070 mm

Foot Wheelbase Width: 1356 mm

Total Height: 3795 mm

Weight: 57380 kg

Chamber Volume: 115 L

Capacity Per Cycle: 11500 L

Cu. m/h (2 cycles): 23.00

Ton/h (2 cycles): 42.55

Cu. m/h (3 cycles): 34.50

Ton/h (3 cycles): 63.83

NOTE: The ton/h and cu. m/h data above are calculated on a material specific weight of 1.85 and a 35 mm cake thickness

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