Fresh Air Ventilation System for Mining 1000hp 375000cfm

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The Fresh Air Ventilation System for Mining by Alphair is a powerful solution for providing fresh air to mining environments. It includes an ALPHAIR Axial Ventilation Fan with a 1000hp motor and a control module. The system also comes with six heater/burner modules and a spare module. The fan has a maximum air flow of 375,000cfm and a minimum air flow of 276,000cfm, with a static pressure of 12.73 in. wg. The TECO-WESTINGHOUSE motor is a premium efficiency 3-phase severe duty motor with an output of 1000hp. The control module includes an ALLEN-BRADLEY PowerFlex 7000 VFD and various components for motor and fan controls, building heating units, and control transformers. Supporting documents, such as plan views and specifications, are available for reference. This product is part of the Fans & Blowers collection and is specifically designed for mine shaft ventilation. Pricing for this product is $1,500,000.00 and there are currently 2 units available.
Condition Very Good
Type Axial
RPM 880 rpm
Horsepower 1000 hp
CFM 375,000 cfm
Fan Size Approx. 10 ft.
Voltage 4000 volts
Phase 3-phase
Other Specifications

Each fresh air system includes:

  • 1 x ALPHAIR Axial Ventilation Fan & Air Tunnel w/ 1000hp Motor & Control Module
  • 6 x Heater/Burner Modules for Fresh Air Ventilation System
  • 1 x Spare Heater/Burner Module for Fresh Air Ventilation System

System Specifications

Fan Performance:

  • Max. Air Flow: 375,000cfm
  • Min. Air Flow: 276,000cfm
  • Static Pressure: 12.73 in. wg.
  • Fan RPM: 880rpm
  • Inlet Density: 0.075lbs/ft cu.
  • Blade Tip Angle: 34deg.

Motor Specifications:

  • Desc.: Premium Efficiency 3-Phase Severe Duty Motor
  • Type: AEJH-8A001
  • Poles: 8
  • Output: 1000hp
  • Volts: 4000v
  • Rating: Cont.
  • Amps: 130a
  • RPM: 890rpm
  • IP: 55

Control Module Components:

  • ALLEN-BRADLEY PowerFlex 7000, 1000hp VFD
  • Controls for Heater/Burner Modules (Modules Sold Separately)
  • Motor and Fan Controls
  • Building Heating Units
  • Control Transformers
  • Heat Trace Control Panel and Power Supply for Insulated Fuel Lines (In FAR #1 Control Module Only)

Heater/Burner Module Components:

  • 1 x Induced Draft Fan
  • 1 x Safety Switch/Disconnect
  • 1 x Control Panel
  • 1 x Oil Pump
  • 1 x Burner Unit
  • 1 x Louver Damper
  • 1 x Oil Supply, Propane, and Oil Return Hose Lines

Supporting Documents:

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