Polysius High Pressure Grinder Roll Crusher 20/10-5 HPGR

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2-500 Horsepower Motors, 4120 Volts
Model 20/10-5
Year: 2006
S/N: PM5-20/10M
Condition Used
Other Specifications
Product Description

Polysius high-pressure grinding rolls have been used successfully in the grinding of raw materials and binding agents. Polycom HPGR grinding is based on the principle of supplying the material to be ground to two counter-rotating rolls via a feed system. These rolls draw the feed material into the gap between them, where it is ground under high pressure. A hydro-pneumatic system generates the required grinding pressure of up to 250 MPa.

The grinding process produces compacted cakes containing a high proportion of fines, as well as coarser particles with cracks in them. These compacted cakes are broken up, separated and, if necessary, subjected to further grinding.

The Polycom consists of the following main components and has the capacity of 450 metric tones per hour:

  • Machine frame with feed system
  • Drive unit powered by 2-500hp variable speed motors
  • spare parts
  • special tooling

Full specifications of all parts and assembly drawings available. Contact for more details.

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