PowerMove Tyre-Based Shore Power Connection System

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PowerMove is a tyre solution that can be moved by autonomous electrical traction or towed by motor vehicle, that connect easily high-voltage (HV) vessels (typically Cruise Ships), to the shoreside electrical grids quickly and securely.
Model PowerMove
Year: 2011
Condition Surplus New
Other Specifications

PowerMove Datasheet

Voltage: 575V

Phase: 3-Ph

Frequency: 60hz

Total Load Current: 30A

Largest Load FLA: 13A

Enclosure Protection Level: 3S

Short Circuit: 10kA

Mechanical Features

  • Length of telescopic boom retracted: 6m + cable guide (from center of rotation)
  • Inclination angle of telescopic boom: from 0 deg. to 70 deg.
  • Slew rotation angle: 0 deg. (rest position) +/- 90 deg.
  • Max. outreach of telescopic boom: 10m + cable guide (from center of rotation)
  • Extension technology: Hydraulic extension booms activated by means of telescopic cylinders
  • Slewing system: Hydraulic movement
  • Shore side cable reel type: 5-Monospiral reel with collector (4 power cables + 1 neutral cable), up to 50m cable length
  • Signal cable reel type: 1-Monospiral reel with signal cable and Cavotec multipin plug
  • Auxiliary supply reel type: 1-Monospiral reel with LV 3-ph cable and 5-poles LV plug
  • Storage reel type: Designed to store the MV cables, control cable and plugs at the end of boom crane

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